Amelia is an art historian, educator, essayist, playwright and poet.


She was born in Latin America to a long line of performing artists. Before moving to New York in order to pursue advanced studies in art history at Columbia University, she was a visual artist. Her career as an art educator began when she taught inmates at a high-security prison in Venezuela. There, she wrote art criticism, lectured in some of the major art museums and developed a series of radio programs on art for the National Broadcasting Company.

Since she moved to New York, she has taught college art history, humanities, philosophy and writing. She worked at The Museum of Modern Art as Content Coordinator, Chief Staff Writer and Curatorial Liaison. She has collaborated with museums worldwide as a writer, independent curator and consultant on all matters related to the public’s response to art. 

Amelia is widely recognized for her use of interactive discussions about art as a tool to foster critical-thinking skills in children and to encourage people of all ages to explore their response to art.

Her ambition is to bring ancient culture, science, mass-media, myth and the avantgarde tradition to life. And, above all, to let the voice and breath of the audience be heard in all art forms.

She writes regularly about contemporary art, popular culture and classical literature, among other things.


IMAGE: Fernanda Gomes, Photo by Wilton Montenegro (1994)
MUSIC: Anonymous Serphardic song, 19th Century"Una Matica de Ruda," sung by Soledad Bravo (1980)

Soledad Bravo - Una matica de ruda