Woman at the Easel, Tankosha Publishers, Tokyo (2008). Thoughts about females' art in the Western tradition.

MITE! (Look!) A Teacher's Manual. A practical introduction to the use of classroom discussions about art as a means to foster the skills of childrens' critical thinking. Three volumes. Tankosha Publishers, Tokyo (2006)

The Masterpiece and Its Shadow. An analysis of the cultural impact of some of the great icons of the history of art. Tankosha Publishers, Tokyo (1999). Two editions. Also published by Da Vinci Publishing Co., Korea (2001)

A Brief History of Looking: Culture and the Visual Animal.  Reflections upon the biological and cognitive roots of seeing, and their fortunes in the museum age. Tankosha Publishers, Tokyo (2001) 

Is This Art? A Guide for the Bewildered. An exploration of the challenges of modern and contemporary art, focusing on the questions that arise from the beholder spectator. Tankosha Publishers, Tokyo (1995). Six editions

All these books first appeared in Japanese translation. The original English texts are available upon request. In each one of the links, you may "search inside the book" in order to glance at the pages. (アメリア・アレナス - Amelia Arenas)

ESSAYS, et cetera  


On Classical Art & Culture


Sex, Violence and Faith: The Art of Caravaggio” (2016)

"From Catullus" (2012) 

"Antinous' Lips: A Note on the Slippery Matter of Realism in Portraiture" (2011) 

"Hippocrates' Oath" (2010) 

"What Do I Love When I Love You?" A New Translation of Saint Augustine's Quid Autem Amo Cum Te Amo (2009)  

"Between Pleasure and Horror: On Watching Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ" (2004) 

"Broken: The Venus de Milo" (2001) 

"Popcorn and Circus: Gladiator and the Spectacle of Virtue" (2001)

"The Boxer" (1999) 

"Plato and Rauschenberg in Bed" (1998) 

"Three Tangos by Enrique Santos Discépolo" (1990)

"Instructional Resources: Is This Art?" (1990)

These pieces have been published by Arion, A Journal of the Humanities and the Classics, Boston University. 


On Contemporary Art & Culture 


In Praise of the Hammer,” RE-CODED, Inkshares Publishing, San Francisco (2016)

"The Wish to Fly, the Urge to Jump." Flying Mystics in Buddhist Art, ed. Glenn H Mullin, The Rubin Museum of Art, New York (2006)

"Return to the Land of Wonders." Rubin Museum of Art, New York and Serindia Publications, Chicago (2006)

"Agnes Martin." Visions of Modern Art, ed. John Ederfield, The Museum of Modern art, New York (2003). Also in Das MoMA in Berlin, Neue National Galerie (2004-2005)

"The End of Art for Art's Sake." Komar & Melamid: Desperately Seeking a Masterpiece, Kawamura Museum of Art/ Tankosha Publishing, Japan (2003)

"The Giant and the Dwarf: Modern Art and the Imitation of Children." Return to Wonderland: Contemporary Art and Childhood. Fundacio La Caixa, Barcelona (2001)

"Before and After: The Origins of Looking Good." Face to Face: Shiseido and the Manufacture of Beauty. ed. Lynn Gumpert, Grey Art Gallery, New York University (2000)

"The Museum and Its Words: Corrected Homework." Revista de Museologia, Madrid. Special issue Forum B.S.C.H., V.18, year V (1999)

"One Man's Art History." The World of Keith Haring, a traveling exhibition organized by Art Life, Tokyo (1999)

"Afraid of the Dark: Cindy Sherman and the Grotesque Imagination." Cindy Sherman: A Retrospective. A traveling exhibition organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo (1996-1997)

"The Revelations of Andres Serrano." Andres Serrano: Body and Soul, ed. Brian Wallis, Takarashima Books, New York (1995)

"Cy Twombly: Between the Eternal and the Ephemeral." Ars Mediterranea, v.2 Bilingual Madrid (1995)

"William Carlos Williams and the Economy of Language"
On Williams' Work, A four-part audio recording (2007)

This audio is first of a four-part lecture of William Carlos Williams and the Economy of Language "On Williams' Work" (2007)



Guides to the Painting Collections. From the Middle Ages to the Present. Five volumes. The Cincinnati Museum of Art (1993 - 1995)

Gallery Walks with Stuart Klawans, (1990). Two volumes. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. A history of modern art based on the Museum's collections. Also published in Spanish as Caminando por las Galerias.

Exhibition texts for The Museum of Modern Art, New York, MoMA. Among others: Joseph Beuys, A Short Biography. John Heartfield, The Artist as EnemyJohn Heartfield, Photomontages. Cy Wombly, Sculpture from the CollectionCy Wombly, A Retrospective. Kadinsky, Compositions, Abstractions: Pure and Impure.

Essays for exhibition, MPM, Museo Picasso, Malaga (2002-2009) Among others, The Collection of MPM, Beyond Painting. Max Ernst in The Würth Collection, Picasso in Antibes, Moments and Gazes: Picasso Seen by Otero, Muses and Models.




ANTINOUS  The tragic love story about Roman Emperor Hadrian and his page. (2011)

CONFESSIONS  A theatrical collage based on the life of Saint Augustine (2009)

AND THEN,  Five monologues about contemporary tragedies inspired by Euripides' Medea. (2006-2007) 

First published in Best American Short Plays 2006-2007.  Ed. by Barbara Parisi, Applause Books, New York, 2010

HELL  A theatrical collage based on Dante's Inferno. (2005-2006)


MUSIC: Joni Mitchell, "River" (1970)

Joni Mitchell


-J.Schrader, Portrait of Baron Alexander von Humboldt, detail (1859)

-J L David, Monsieur Lavoisier and His Wife, detail (1788)

- Vincent Minelli, Lust for Life, Kirk Douglas as Van Gogh (1956)

- Gustav Klimt, Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer, detail (1907) 

-HELL, by Amelia, starring: David Sharpe, Barbara Martinez, Matthew Burns (2005-2006)