TOP IMAGE: Dionysian Feast, 1st Century A.D. 

THEATRICAL IMAGES: Niko Alexandrou and others





The first part of a trilogy about self-discovery, HELL is based on Dante's Inferno, a journey into human error -- from gluttony and rage to suicide and treason. HELL was followed by CONFESSIONS, a piece inspired by the writings of Saint Augustine. DREAMS, a play derived from the early work of Sigmund Freud, will conclude the set.

The Rubin Museum of Art and New York University's 

Casa Italiana, 2005-2006.



Five one-woman monlogues about contemporary tragedies inspired by Euripides' Medea. A Palestinian terrorist. A school teacher who seduced her student. An American soldier who tortured prisoners in Iraq's Abu Ghraib's jail. A young mother who drowned her children. A woman who commited suicide in order to frame her husband for murder.

The Bulgarian Institute and The Curb Arts Space, New York, 2006-2007

This piece was selected as one of Best American Short Plays 2006-2007.  Edited by Barbara Parisi, Applause Books, New York, 2010.


An exploration of Saint Augustine's early life, a young man in search of what he called his hominis interioris -- "the lover within." A singer, a cellist and a dancer bring to life a variety of characters in Augustine's world, in order to tell us the story of a man who followed the call of a strange force, which spoke to him outloud.

New York University's Casa Italiana, and Temple M, 2009.


A love tragedy about the boy who became Emperor Hadrian's page. The play speaks about the deep bond between a middle-aged man and a teenager, but also about politics, power and powerlessness.

Preview - Nuyorican Cafe, Apr 2011.  
The First Floor Theater, La MaMa, Sept-Oct 2011.

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MUSIC: David Sharpe, ANTINOUS, "Falling in Love," (2011)

10 - Falling in love + Reconcil (Sc. XIV)